Monday, April 12, 2010

A foray into single life...

I have returned to the world I have known all to well: The Single Life. And, for sometime, I had pleasantly escaped. Good things, as we all know, come to an end.

During my relatively brief escape into the land of love I have learned so much about myself, my partner, and people in general. I cannot compare, or probably will ever reach a point to compare, the feeling I felt when I was connected to someone. And goddamnit, it is addicting. To know that in this ironically lonely world, there is one person made for you...I felt that I had found her.

Like a greatest hits album, I will revel only in the best moments and forget the bad. For the latter is futile.

Love is esquisite.

I will return to the land of love...maybe with the same partner, maybe not, but nonetheless, if there is a heaven, it exists between two people who know of nothing but each other.

The prospect of love and connection alone motivates me...
There is so much beauty in this world, but it takes the right person to show it to you...

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