Sunday, April 11, 2010


Experience, simply put, is the best teacher. There is no book on life experiences, only elaborated sheets that attempt to lead a troubled mind. And perhaps, they do so, but with an equivocated voice. Perhaps, by incidence. Nonetheless, true life experience is found in those that alive. Alive...but bear mistakes; living or inanimate.

Anyways, in the wake of my recent break-up, the best advice came from the most unlikely of sources, E_____. E______, who often lacks brevity in most things, was impeccably concise in his advice. "Just write", he said.

I have found therapy and peace in doing so. I will continue to do so. Being 3 years my senior, I should probably listen to him. Although I consider myself a vessel for great capacity, his life experience outweighs anything I have ever accomplished in academia.

So...I will write.

Good Night :)

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